The Solomon Rehearsal Space (Solomon A29) is intended for theatre and small band rehearsals. Priority for this space is given to TAC-e groups. At the end of each month, the next month's TAC-e schedule is drafted by the Associate Director, Megan Edelman. Should you wish to reserve Solomon A29, please utilize this tool to request space. Please note, requests for the next month will not be approved until the TAC-e schedule for the month is in place. This is generally completed by the 23rd of the month prior. 

Upon your first reservation request, please e-mail with your Penn ID number, as the space requires PennCard Access. In your email, also be sure to request the code for accessing Solomon A29, as there is a keycode lock on the door. 

Please note: Solomon A29 is not available during the summer. 

Enjoy the space!