Masks are strongly recommended in Platt House managed spaces. Please be prepared to present your Green PennOpen pass if requested onsite. 

  • No eating permitted in the Annenberg Dance Studio. 
  • Do not overcrowd rooms. 
  • Take frequent breaks. 
  • You must record the name, email address, and phone number of every person who attends your activity. This is important in case contact tracing is needed. 
  • As the person submitting this space request, you must act as the Health Marshall for this reservation. As Health Marshall, you must:
    • Make sure all individuals in your reservation adhere to the above regulations. 
    • Check all individuals in your reservations for Green Open Passes. 
      • Do not permit anyone with a Red Open Pass to attend the activity. 
      • Do not permit anyone without a Green Open Pass to attend the activity. 

By submitting your reservation request, you agree that you and all members of your reservation will adhere to the regulations listed above and in the terms and conditions. 

Please note: these protocols are per current University guidance. Regulations could change at any time. Please keep an eye on any communication related to Covid protocols. 


The Annenberg Center Dance Studio is intended for non-DAC rehearsals. At the begining of each Fall semester, reservation requests are managed by the Platt House Associate Director, Megan Edelman. To ensure you are included in the initial reservation process, please e-mail Similarly, at the beginning of each Spring semester, the initial schedule is drafted by staff. At all other times, should you want to reserve the Annenberg Dance Studio, please utilize this tool to request space. Additionally, since this calendar is public, should you want to use the space without reservation, please check to see if the space is reserved already. If not, you are welcome to use the Annenberg Dance Studio without first reserving it--this is contingent on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Special rental arrangements can be made in collaboration with the Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. If you intend to hold a public event such as a master class or performance or if you are a non-Penn affiliated person/group, you must make special rental arrangements by e-mailing

Upon submitting your first reservation request, please e-mail immediately with your Penn ID number, as the space requires PennCard Access.

Enjoy the space!